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Michaël Akortia
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Synchronicity - Michaël Akortia

About Me

Hi,it's Michaël!

Raised by musician parents in France, I discovered my true passion at the age of 6: “Mum, Dad, I want to be a drummer!” Just a few months later, I fearlessly stepped onto a stage, facing hundreds of people, and mesmerized the audience with my drumming skills.

After spending twelve years studying at music school, my hunger for knowledge and desire to explore other percussion instruments became insatiable. I embarked on a remarkable journey around the world, seeking out renowned teachers and engaging in jam sessions to expand my musical horizons.

Everywhere I traveled, I humbly learned from the best, skillfully incorporating this newfound knowledge into my own distinctive style. My unique approach involved blending classical music with the rhythms of African instruments, and fusing the beats of electronic drum and bass with the soulful sound of the handpan.

In Japan, I have earned the well-deserved title of “Groove Master,” a testament to my exceptional talent and relentless dedication to my craft.

Michaël Akortia


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Groove Mastery

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Unique grooves and cutting-edge techniques – immerse yourself
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Groove Mastery - Michael Akortia

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Yu & Mi

Michaël Akortia - Yu Mi

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Slow Please

Michaël Akortia - Slow Please

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Synchronicity - Michaël Akortia

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